Palm Tree Shaving Melbourne

Palm Tree Shaving

Why Trim and Shave Your Palm Trees

As with any tree, palm trees require regular maintenance in order to keep them not only looking good but also ensuring that your property’s landscaping remains safe and enjoyable.

While palm trees look fantastic, they are not as easy to maintain as they may sound. Due to the significant weight and sharp edges of palm fronds, without regular maintenance, you run the risk of enabling potential hazards that can result in serious injuries.

An efficient way to maintain your palm tree is by shaving it. The removal of dead fronds or leaves of palm trees is an integral part of the maintenance of the tree. Shaving your tree will leave your palm tree with a smooth trunk surface, which in turn will result enhance the look of your palm.

As the majority of palm tree work involves working at a height, it is a wise idea to call the professionals for palm tree trimming and shaving in Melbourne.

Expert Palm Tree Shaving

Our business has extensive experience in the shaving maintenance of all palms. Every one of our arborists is highly skilled in what they do and have a comprehensive understanding of palm tree growth, which we apply to ensure each and every one of our jobs is completed to the highest precision.

It is important to understand the vitality of not over pruning your palm as it can weaken the tree, slow its growth or even worse, cause death. Palms frond growth is partnered with the death of an old frond. This natural growth pattern should be allowed to proceed in order to avoid your tree suffering. Hence why palm tree shaving should be left to the experts.

Melbourne Palm Tree Removals also offer services in tree removal, sculpting and pruning. We are a highly respected business and the leading choice in Melbourne for palm tree shaving. If you’re after the highest quality job, get in contact with us today!

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