Palm Tree Sculpting Melbourne

Palm Tree Sculpting

Proper Palm Tree Sculpting

In recent years’ palm trees have become a popular choice in and amongst Melbourne properties. Palms look beautifully tropical and bring welcome shade to any garden. Why it comes to the maintenance of your palms, it is vital that you keep up with regular upkeep to ensure that your palms remain the highlight of your property.

Palm trees are monocots, meaning that once your palm has grown to its full circumference they don’t continue to have outward growth. From here your palms will grow upwards with the production of new bands of palm fronds. The practice of palm sculpting in addition to palm shaving is a fantastic way to keep your palms in their best possible condition, while also reducing any safety hazards that may be a result of an overgrown palm.

However, not many people have the knowledge behind palm tree sculpting in order to complete the job efficiently. While the practice of palm sculpting is relatively common, it is not something we recommend undertaking yourself. Palm tree sculpting requires specialised knowledge and can be quite the dangerous job. This is where we come in. All of our professional arborists ensure that your palms hold fantastic form and remain attractive to the eye while undertaking the job in a safe and efficient manner.

Hire a Professional Palm Tree Sculpting Service

While everyone appreciates how attractive a freshly sculpted palm is, it is important to remember not to over prune as this can weaken, slow palm growth and even cause the tree to die.

With new palm frond growth comes the death of old fronds. This is a natural growth pattern and should be allowed to proceed without interruption, presenting reason to only leave your palm sculpting and shaving needs in the hands of a highly skilled professional.

Our business offers their services and expertise in all aspects of palm tree maintenance and care including; trimming, shaving, pruning and palm tree removal. We are a trusted business in the Melbourne community and is the leading choice in providing maintenance services to local councils, schools and extensive home and business owners

If you’re after a company with extensive knowledge in palms and palm maintenance
don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our highly skilled arborists are all trained specifically in palm care and health and safety. We believe so high of our service that we offer all clients a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

Our tree sculpting services include:

  • Removal of all waste and associated debris.
  • Working at height and around other properties.
  • Working in tight or confined spaces – we have a great deal of experience in these types of situations.
  • Getting your Palm tree into great shape!

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