Palm Tree Removal Melbourne

Palm Tree Removal

Removing a Palm Tree

Palm trees are a beautiful species and can be a stunning addition to any landscape. A palm’s unique, look, size and shape make them a stand out from other tree types, but this also means that they also have some unique problems of their own.

Because of the ability to grow so tall, and they shed their outer layers, they can prove to be damaging to your property during severe weather conditions. However, it is not advised to trim or cut them down on your own. Not only do they prove difficult and dangerous to climb, but also very tricky to clean off without the proper equipment.

Call the Professionals

Our business provides our Melbourne customers with not only cost-effective tree services but also the expertise to answer any questions you may have, and have been doing so for years.

We offer assistance in all forms of tree care, and our professional arborists have all the necessary tools to clean, cut and remove your palm trees safely.

When to remove a palm tree

When your palm is beginning to die off or are disrupting your landscaping plans, then you should call in the professionals to remove them for you safely.

The older your palms become, the more they tend to discard their external layers. Old palm fronds from the tree build up on the skin and can be disturbed by high winds. These fronds are often long and heavy, making them difficult to remove, but prove to be dangerous to the surrounding property.

Our professional arborists will assess your palms and determine if fronds need to be removed and if they pose a potential risk or danger to you and your property. From this, we will be able to determine if your palm needs to be removed.

We can guarantee that every service we provide will be done to the highest satisfaction and that you and your family will be kept safe. That’s part of our company guarantee.

We take the utmost care to work efficiently and safely, to ensure that no complications arise. Take the hassle and stress out of completing the job yourself and hire the professionals.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer, or you’re just after some expert advice about your palms, be sure to call us today. We are always available to respond to your queries and offer our customers a free quotation service.

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