Palm Tree Pruning Melbourne

Palm Tree Pruning

When to Prune a Palm Tree

Palm Trees are one of the more durable plants out there and require little maintenance. However, it is essential that any maintenance that is required is completed when necessary and done well. Unpruned trees can be a safety hazard, as well as unattractive.

As new palm fronds grow, the old fronds on the tree turn brown, dry and dead. When this happens, it is essential that you hire a professional to complete pruning. We recommend doing so between once and twice a year.

Dangers of Not Pruning

Dead palm fronds can prove to be an irritation for home and business owners and prove to be a danger to passers-by. These fronds may fall off with time and cause injuries or accidents upon doing so.

Not only do dead, dry palm fronds look unattractive, they also can prove to be a fire hazard, especially during the hot Melbourne summers, as well as a harbour for unwanted pests.

Dangers of Over Pruning a Palm Tree

Pruning your palms can keep your trees looking orderly. However, pruning too close or too high up on the trunk can cause disease, damage, water uptake problems, or trunk constriction, which is why it’s best to seek a professional arborist.

If the palm fronds on your tree are green or even partially green, they should not be removed from your tree. Doing so will cause damage to the tree, weakening tree health and allowing pests and borers to invade. Over-pruned trees prove to be unattractive to many gardeners and may detract from the overall presentation of your garden. A palm that is pruned sufficiently will have an oval-shaped or circular-shaped canopy.

Tall trees should be pruned by hired professionals with appropriate equipment, such as hydraulic lifts and ladders. Tree climbing is necessary for taller trees as we lop from the top of the tree down. We have all of the necessary equipment to complete your tree pruning to the highest quality.

Hiring a Professional

Pruning palm trees in Melbourne requires an experienced and skills, able-bodied person to be able to complete the job to a high level while doing so in a safe and manageable manner.

When you have palm trees, it is important to consider your safety.

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