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Palm Tree Care

Palm trees are a fantastic way to provide your home with a tropical feel, all year round. But with beauty, comes responsibility. As your palms grow, so do their maintenance requirements. Some palms are known as self-cleaning, meaning that their fronds and seed pods shed naturally.

However, not all are self-cleaning and can prove to be an unpleasant view. Not to mention the risk presented when seed pods begin to fall, as well the possibility of germinating and causing a further mess in your garden. This alone is why it is a high necessity to hire a professional to conduct a proper palm tree clean throughout your palms lifespan.

As palm tree maintenance is often a dangerous and complicated process that should only be undertaken by a highly skilled professional. Attempting to complete these tasks yourself is extremely dangerous, and you present the risk of power and gas lines which can result in serious injury.

With years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured our team knows how to safely and cost-effectively remove unwanted or damaged palm trees from properties in Melbourne and neighbouring suburbs.

Our Services

Palm Tree Removal

All of our arborists have extensive experience in the removal of palm trees safely and effectively, to ensure your property receives the best service possible.

Palm Tree Sculpting

This is done to ensure that your palms are continuously looking their best, while also guaranteeing that your palm remains healthy throughout your palms lifetime.

Palm Tree Shaving

Palm tree shaving looks at the aesthetics of your tree, but it’s also about maintaining palm health resulting in minimal future maintenance.

Palm Tree Pruning

Pruning of a palm tree is a task that requires extensive experience, to ensure maximum safety and tree health.

Professional Palm Tree Services

We acquire all of the required equipment needed to complete the job in a safe and efficient manner. We understand that no two palm tree jobs are the same and that’s why we offer a free quotation service for one of our expert tree loppers to visit your property to provide you with an accurate quote. Our customers continue to return to us because of our excellent industry knowledge and reasonable tree removal prices.

Our passion for palms and gardens is brought to every job. You can expect that every member of our team will bring their love of the outdoors to your doorstep. We promise to keep you enlightened throughout every step of the process, to ensure that you are fully aware of what’s going on and are there to answer any questions you may have.

We believe so firmly in our service; that we promise to offer you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for a Melbourne palm tree professional with all of the necessary expertise to take care of all types of Palm trees you’ve come to the right place. We provide services to Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Give our team a call today for any additional details and to organise a time for your free quote.

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